STEP - 5


For last few days now 

you’ve been doing two important things.

Instead of avoiding your feelings.

you’ve been connecting to your feelings.

But also, you’ve been learning to 

take much better care of Little You.

All of that is not easy. 

And so I just want to say how proud of you I am.

And while it’s nice to be appreciated

what you really care about is results.

And for that you can’t just care for Little You.

You need to care for Little You consistently.

Consistency is what builds health and trust.

Now consistency sounds good, 

but as you know it’s not that easy.

Because NSR is engineered for results 

I made sure that every aspect of the program

 was designed with you being consistent in mind.

One way this process helps you be consistent 

is by making the concepts relatively simple.

But another way to help you be consistent 

is with a little thing called… structure.

NSR is modeled after the structure of a gym.

Because a gym is a structure that gets results.

Below you will open and read a document 

that will teach you how to train 

in what may be world’s most effective inner gym.

Are you ready to train?

I said Are…You…READY…to traaaain?!!!

I bet you are.

Cue the rocky music.

With potentially annoying optimism,


You can access Daily Caredio


Concepts and tools are nice, 

but what ensures results is consistency.

What keeps people from consistency

is sometimes not enough structure.

But I won’t let you fail.

Now…with Daily Caredio 

you have a simple but doable structure

that will make sure you show up consistently.

Both for you.  And Little You.

Also, there are many forms 

of love and care in the world.

And one incredibly important 

form of love that often gets missed 

is consistency and structure.

And so now every time you do some Daily Caredio

you are giving Little You that rare form of love.

Which they will definitely appreciate.

With love and structure,



Start to follow Daily Caredio

everyday for the rest of the process.


For your Reps

 keep doing Acknowledge the Neglect


Remember to sumbit your reports 5 x day

Or access it at Module 1 – Resource Center 


Tomorrow in Step 6

there will be no new curriculum.


However you will learn about the final component 

necessary for some world class, ass-kicking consistency.


I am speaking of course of the a-word.


What is the a-word?


Tune in tomorrow to find out.


No peaking.


Okay…you can peak.


Little You probably likes peaking.


You can acces Step 6

You can access Step 5 at the Resource Center