STEP - 3


Welcome to Step 3 of Module 2

Right now you will be provided 

a document called Rep Types.

Rep Types are different ways 

you can apply what you are learning 

to different situations in life.

This will help you connect to Little You 

more spontaneouslyand more often.

With more ways to care for yourself


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Any day can provide you with

several opportunities to better love yourself.

As you went through the Rep Types document

you may have discovered you were already,

 on some level, applying some of the concepts

described there.

If you connect with a genuine intention to

love yourself better all the time,

you’ll find out these different types of Reps

will happen naturally as a consequence of that.

Experiment with these while you keep up 

with your Daily Caredio.

With Ongoing Wholehearted Love,


Listening to your Funky Feelings 

can be challenging.  Especially at first.

So, to Listen to yourself

you need to challenge yourself a bit.

At the same time if it’s too intense 

don’t pressure/force yourself.

It’s true Little You wants 

to see you Listening to their Funkiness.

But if after a while You/Little You is saying

‘Hey this is too much, let’s stop.’

That is also something you should also listen to.

If you ignore that voice

it makes Little You feel like you’re not Listening 

and it’s a bit counter productive.


Also, a from of Neglect you probably do

is not being gentle and patience with yourself.

So, if you notice yourself 

‘pushing and forcing’ yourself to Listen

just use it as an opportunity 

to be more patience and gentle with yourself.

This entire curriculum is based in 

being more caring to yourself.

Including how you use the tools.

If you push too hard it’s not caring to You/Little You

which breaks trust and defeats the purpose.

Also, look at your intention of 

why you may be pushing yourself 

or feel like you ‘have to’ to do it more or better.

Of course you want to feel better 

and so there may be a tendancy to think 

the more/better I do this, the faster I will feel better.

And while that’s understandable 

the intention of care isn’t there.

And intention matters.

For Little You to trust you 

they need to feel you are spending time with them 

for the right reasons. 

They want to feel you are spending time with them 

because you care about them.

Also, because it’s the right thing to do.

Not because you want to feel better.

So, as best you can try to be gentle to yourself.

Do the exercises not with the intention to get ‘more’ or do ‘better.’

But rather just because you want to care for You/Little You better.

Of course you want to feel better.

But for the time of this process 

do your best to take your focus 

off of the goal and the outcome.

Try to let go of expectations.

And just focus on being more caring to You/Little You

Focus on that and you should be 

pleasantly surprised with what unfolds.



Keep doing the Listen Practice 

for your Full Reps for the rest of Module 2.


If you want…you can still occasionally

use language from Module 1


Stop using Rep Reports from Module 1

Stop using Rep Reports from Module 2

Here is the link

And You can also access this at Module 2 – Resource Center 


You don’t have to report at the exact Rep Times

You can report 1 hr before or after.


You’ve now practiced Step 1

of the 3 Steps of Care….Listen.

And by the end of Module 4 

you’ll be trained in all 3 Steps.

Being trained in the 3 Steps of Care

 gives you two key benefits.

Short term

Applying the steps consistently 

will lower your Funky Feelings 

by the end of Module 4.

Long term

 You can keep applying the Steps 

after the official program is over.

Which means you can keep lowering 

your Funkiness to lower and lower levels.

I am telling you this 

so you don’t feel a pressure 

that all of your improvement 

has to happen by the end of the program.

Pressure is not helpful to your process.

It creates added stress to your system.

But also, Little You doesn’t like it 

because they feel ‘pressured’ 

to feel better and change.

Which is not unconditional love.

Of course, you want to feel completely better 

by the end of the program.

But I’m sure you see it took a long time

for all this neglect to build up.

And it might take more than a few weeks 

to get things fully healthy again.

So, try to do your best 

to be committed to this process.

But also try not to need or force 

things to go a certain way.

In this process, but also in life, 

that usually doesn’t end up working out.


ust a reminder if you are willing to give up the protection of the ‘No Change No Charge’ guarantee you can do the program at your own pace and style.  

If at any point you’d like to do that, contact us at and just tell us:

a) You’d like to do the program at your own pace.

b) You are okay to begin paying for the program

c) If you want to pay in full or in installments.