STEP - 2


As you’ve learned, the 3rd Step 

of the 3 Steps of Care is to take Action.

Because to take care of Little You 

you can’t just talk about it…

you actually sometimes have 

to do something about it.

However when I started to really 

do something about taking care of Little Me

I saw that I wasn’t even sure what that looked like.

I didn’t really know how to deeply take care for Little Me.

So, I spent several years to deeply understand 

what it really meant to take good care of Little Me.

And that is what I want to share with you now.

It’s a list called Actions of Care.

Actions of Care is a curated list 

of actions you can take 

if you really want to care for and protect Litte You.


But I want to be absolutely clear 

that right now you are not required 

to actually take any action right now.

That’s because some of these Actions 

can be pretty intense if you’re not ready for them.

And we need to be gentle and loving to you right now.

The reason I am sharing this list with you is

so you can understand what 

full care and protection of Little Me even looks like.

And also to inspire You/Little You when you ask them 

‘what can I do to help you feel better’

I hope Actions of Care inspires you 

to see how good you can really treat yourself 

if you truly want to.

With Inspiration and Action,




So there you go…the Actions of Care.

A little list with big implications.

Many of them I am sure you

 already knew on some level.

I made the list to inspire you 

to remember what is possible.

To know what real deep 

health and wellness can look like.

Again, you don’t have to do these.

But it’s good to know what they are.

With good care and wellness



If you see Actions of Care 

that you should probably do at some point

but aren’t quite ready/too scared 

to do them right now…it’s totally okay.

Just remember the Third Element of Action

 is to Acknowledge.

So, no need to take Action right now.

But what you can do is Acknowledge to Little You 

that you understand they need that form of care, 

but you just can’t do it right now.  And you’re sorry.

This gives you permission to not do it, 

without shame or judgement.

But also help Little You feel safe and trusting.



Continue with Deep Core Work In from Module 3


Keep doing Listen+Honor+Action Practice for 3 more days.

then move onto Step 4 – Ask The Expert.


Usually you do about one step per day.

So, notice right above it says to do wait 3 days 

and then move onto Step 4.

Please make note of this.



Keep using Rep Report from Module 3


In Steps 1-3 of Module 4 you are learning 

that good care of Little Me involves Action.

And it’s very important you know that.

But in Step 4 we are going 

to move beyond what is important and

move on to something that is actually… fun!!!

It’s fun because after all the

 deep, incredible work you’ve done so far

you deserve a little treat.

And also because Little You likes treats and fun.


Usually Steps are every day.

However Step 4 won’t be tomorrow.

It’s best to give you a bit more time

to practice Listen + Honor + Action.

So you will start Step 4 not tomorrow

but the day after.