So very proud of you for completing 

Module 4 and the whole NSR Program.

Not easy, but I hope rewarding for you.

It was a true honor to share these rare 

and if I do say so myself sacred teachings with you.

I truly believe what you learned in NSR 

is what this planet most needs right now.

If more people knew what you now know

we’d have such a happier and healthier people.

But in the meantime you know it.

And you can carry this knowledge and wisdom 

to the rest of the world just by showing up 

as a healthier and happier person.

And lead by example.


Be the change baby.  


And to help stay happier and healthier 

this bonus module will show you how to take 

everything you’ve learned 

and turn it into a simple 

and of course do-able daily habit

 that you can do moving forward.

Because 6 weeks of love and care is good.

But a long lifetime of love and care is even better.

With a long lifetime of love for you, 






I hope what I just shared with you 

showed you that with minimal effort every day

you can continue to take good care your nervous system.

Partly because it will help you stay calmer and more relaxed.

But also because You/Little You need and deserve it.


And that is really what I wanted 

you to learn through this program.

That taking care of your inner garden 

isn’t just some optional, 

woo-woo, love yourself fluff.

Taking care of your emotional body

is as needed as taking care of your physical body.

The reason we use the metaphor of Little Me, 

is to help you see you deserve all the 

love and care you would give a child.

Taking care of yourself isn’t a bonus

It’s your birthright.

And it was a true honor to share that with you.

With deepest love and respect,